Who we are

To sound simplistic, it all started with a vision. Established in 2018, Visionary PR Consultants was initiated by Managing Director, Zayyaan Darries.


Zayyaan has over 10 years’ experience working in the ship repair/ oil & gas sector as a PR Officer. Prior to that, she worked briefly in the tertiary education, property and general sales sectors.


While working in the engineering industry, Zayyaan was keen on taking on more creative projects which spanned more than just one industry. In essence, she wanted to spread her wings.



Our Corporate Identity Explained


The Name



1. (adjective) – thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.


2. (noun) – a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.


In January 2018, Visionary PR Consultants was born. In pursuit of an original name, Zayyaan wanted to choose a name that fully symbolised what her business would be about. This name would encompass exactly what she had to offer her clients with precision, planning and most importantly, creativity.


The Symbol


The symbol – The Phoenix – was also specifically chosen both for its symbolism and meaning. In Greek mythology, the phoenix is an immortal bird which obtains new life by arising out of the ashes of it’s predecessor.


The Colour


Blue is a cool and calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. It is a colour that symbolises loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.


Altogether, these elements bring together the synchronicity of the brand.




Visionary PR Consultants is a hub for creative, imaginative thoughts and concepts. We nurture skill, passion and talent and promote self-improvement and empowerment.





To create integrated branding strategies, specific to each client’s needs, using creative

ideas and communicating them through the relevant mediums.



Branding can be intimidating. Let us help you define your business and make sure you put your best foot forward when making contact with your target market.

Our Core Values

What is Important to Us

Creativity: Dreaming out Loud


Heart: We put care and good vibes into our work


Continuous improvement: Better than our last idea


Customer Relationships: Nurturing long-term relationships through collaboration


Empowerment: Inspiring greatness


Ethics & Integrity: Transparency at all times


Passion: Always loving what we do


Quality: Excellence always

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